Winter Tips

  • Sleepy Trees

    Deciduous trees are currently dropping their leaves.
  • Pruning

    Hard pruning required now to promote healthy growth.
  • Plant Your Trees

    Bare root trees are only avalable this time of the year.

Plant Your Trees

Winter is the only time of the year to buy bare rooted trees. They are dormant or asleep and no damage is done to the tree(s) by digging them up and selling them 'bare rooted'. They are quite affordable in this state so make the most of the savings and plant your new trees now!

After purchasing your bare rooted tree(s), they'll be packed with sawdust or straw at their base to keep the roots moist. The roots as well as the top of the tree would be already pruned for you and should be ready to plant.

It is best to plant your tree(s) straight away, but if that is not possible you may 'heel' them in loose soil or sawdust for a week or two (max). Make sure that the roots are being kept moist with lots of water.