Winter Tips

  • Sleepy Trees

    Deciduous trees are currently dropping their leaves.
  • Pruning

    Hard pruning required now to promote healthy growth.
  • Plant Your Trees

    Bare root trees are only avalable this time of the year.

Sleepy Trees

Deciduous trees are now dormant or asleep, this is shown by the trees dropping their leaves and remaining bare skinned until spring. They will then grow new leaves and restart their yearly lifecycle.

Deciduous plants lose their leaves to conserve water or to better survive winter weather conditions. They are most at home in climates with clearly defined seasons, so keep them exposed to the seasonal elements.

Deciduous trees are often overlooked in favour of evergreen, but there are many advantages to a deciduous tree - winter sun and summer shade, fresh foliage every year, the shape of the bare tree adding interest to your garden design, leaves lost in one hit rather than all throughout the year.